Breakfast at Tiffany’s Party

Last winter I created a new Breakfast at Tiffany’s party invitation for my Etsy shop, Olive + Iris. I have long been a fan of everything Audrey Hepburn and thought, especially with the robin’s egg blue colour and the glamour of Tiffany’s itself, that it would make for a pretty cute girl’s party. We were planning to hold a little brunch with some friends over March Break to try out the theme, however low and behold – right before the Break, stuff went down, if you know what I mean. The world went crazy crazy and shut down and things were scary. It was hard to get toilet paper and flour and groceries in general. Parties seemed like a frivolous thing. However a few weeks into the lockdown, we were feeling pretty low and I wanted to brighten our spirits a bit. We decided to have our own little party, just the four of us. The kids were super excited about our Breakfast at Tiffany’s brunch and the thought of decorating and dressing up put everyone in a good mood.

We decorated using items we already had. I’m a former event designer and a party supply hoarder which helped. I’ve had this Audrey Hepburn canvas from IKEA for over a decade, the striped tablecloth was from a previous event and we found an unused bag of turquoise balloons – score!

Dressing fancy is always fun!

We put together a simple but yummy brunch board – we made scones and mini cupcakes and paired them some croissants and fruit. We were apparently rationing our fruit, lol.

That robin’s egg blue icing! Nailed it.

I’ve mentioned these Little People, Big Dreams books before. They are amazing biographies of inspiring people, written for kids. We have a whole series and the girls love them. We learned a bit more about Audrey Hepburn at the party.

As mentioned, I had been planning a little in my head for this party before the Covid lockdown hit, and I had seen these turquoise “Tiffany boxes” at Creative Bag and thought they would be perfect as favour boxes. The plan was to put beaded necklaces and ring pops inside.

So there you have it – our quarantine-style Breakfast at Tiffany’s party. It does go to show that you don’t have to go too crazy and spend a lot of money to throw together a pretty cute party. Or it showed me anyway. 2020 has shown me a lot, ha. I guess the main thing is, this cute and simple party really lifted our spirits through a pretty dark time.