A Movie Themed Birthday Party

On the weekend we held a birthday party for my 7 year old. She chose a movie theme and asked the kids to wear their pajamas, so they could snuggle up and watch a movie. I thought – “Perfect! The kids will be sitting quietly, watching a movie, for most of the party. Easy peasy!!” Well, I was mistaken. With excitement levels at full blast, the kids watched Mary Poppins Returns with their little popcorn boxes for ummmm…about 20 minutes tops. Ten kids then proceeded to race around the house – upstairs, downstairs – with high pitched shrieks of excitement along the way. It was a lot of fun, yes, but NOT the quiet party I anticipated. Not sure what I was thinking!

Anyway, with a past career in wedding and event design, we had a ton of fun coming up with some of the little details that make parties and their themes come to life.

It all started with a movie ticket invitation. I was inspired by a design I found online but made it a bit more “us.” To my surprise, our guests brought their tickets and so seriously handed them over to me as their admission to the party, which was absolutely adorbs.

The kids made movie posters which were pretty cute, and we taped them up all over the walls. Be sure it watch “You are You”, it came out on May 9th.

As a graphic designer I can’t seem to help but create signage, even for the smallest of events. I quickly whipped up this sign to welcome our guests.

Cinema boxes are so fun! We’ve used them for all of our parties the past few years. They were especially perfect for this one.

Finley asked for donuts in lieu of a birthday cake. We ordered these gourmet pink and silver (screen!) dusted donuts, along with gold dusted chocolate, from nearby Annina’s Bakeshop. They were AMAZING. Let’s take one more look at them, shall we?

I also saw these cute popcorn cupcakes on Pinterest and just had to try them. The baking cups were found at Winners and I bought a bag of mini white marshmallows and a bag of mini coloured marshmallows and took out all of the yellows! I then snipped the ends of the marshmallows with clean kitchen scissors to get the popcorn effect, and stuck them onto the cupcakes with icing. Surprisingly simple!

A while back we bought about 20 of these inexpensive plates from IKEA (79 cents!) as well as some inexpensive cutlery. As much as I love fun paper plates and colourful plastic cutlery, I alway feel badly throwing them in the garbage right after a party. We invested in the plates and cutlery for any parties or dinners we hold. They easily wash up in the dishwasher and can be used over and over. I’m now on the hunt for reusable napkins.

Ready to par-tay!

20 glorious shriek-free minutes watching Mary Poppins Returns.

“Popcorn” loot bags continued the theme and contained a gift card to the Bulk Barn, and a few more concession stand treats.

Finley had an amazing movie themed party which made it all worthwhile! Onto planning birthday #2 for my July baby…